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Product Development

Tell us about your team

The product development team is responsible for shipping our enterprise SaaS products that allow our clients to easily manage their retail businesses. This is done by developing sophisticated, yet intuitive, web applications that empower users to get a better insight into their business data and act instantly with more precision. Our engineers use modern web technologies to develop services that deliver results efficiently. We also leverage the most up-to-date tools and techniques for data ingestion and transformation which enables us to effectively manage our ML-generated results.

Our QA/Testing engineers are always making sure that our products are stable and operational. They develop and maintain test suites that are used to automatically detect any issues with our applications, data and other processes.

Tools We Use


  • JavaScript with React/Redux
  • HTML5
  • CSS


  • Java with Spring and Hibernate
  • Scala with Play and Slick
  • PostgreSQL


  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • Shell
  • Terraform
  • Packer
  • Ansible
  • Datadog
  • Salt

Distributed Computing

  • Python or Scala with Spark

QA / Testing

  • Java with Selenium

Data Pipeline

  • Python with Luigi