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Product & Analytics

Tell us about your analytics team

The analytics team strives to showcase the business value that Rubikloud brings to their clients through the results of pilots, full implementations, and professional services – in short, through mountains of data! Our team focuses on exploring and refining analytical methodologies, measurements and new features that can be extensions to our existing products. Our holistic view of Rubikloud processes, client data, and retail knowledge serves as the bridge between the technical and business teams. Working closely with the Data Science and Product teams, a crucial component of our role is to ensure our deliverables and products meet our clients’ businesses needs. In addition, the team is also responsible for product analytics and prototyping non-productionalized solutions for pilots to ensure quick deliverables.

Tell us about your product management team

The product management team is a creative, technical, and intellectually curious group of Technical Product Managers, Product Managers, and Business Analysts.

The team sets and defines the vision of our solutions by defining our Product Roadmap with new features, and improving existing ones. Key elements of product management include product roadmapping, curating release and sprint plans, simplifying complex features into user stories, and coordinating engineering resources.

The team works closely with clients, as well as internal teams, such as Product Development, Analytics, and Client Solutions teams to build and shape our products.

Tools We Use

Our team primarily uses SQL and Python with Jupyter notebooks to pull, manipulate and analyze data that lives in Redshift and in csv/parquet files. Occasionally, we’ll use Spark as well.

We use Excel and Powerpoint to present our insights and recommendations as a story.