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Tell us about your team’s mission

The Rubikloud design team is responsible for providing a consistent brand experience across all media. There is a multitude of identified audiences that encounter our brand; therefore, the design team’s mission is to ensure that our brand is presenting a consistent visual message across every medium.

Elements of our brand include our corporate identity, our web presence, sales and marketing materials, and the full user experience of our product suite. Our product suite consists of full production enterprise software with a growing client and user base, as well as unique beta products, POC’s, individual data dashboards and reports, prototypes, and demos.

The Design Team Elements

Our design team includes a range of experts that bring a breadth of skill sets towards a unified design goal. We have UX Specialists, Product Designers, Interactive Designers, along with Brand and Marketing focused Graphic and Web Designers, all of whom are aligned under a single brand strategy.

Day-to-day our designers may be tasked with designing and testing new features within our core product suite or conceptualizing new and intuitive experiences to deliver innovative, functional products. The processes may include content and interactive architecture; various methods of wire-framing and eventually producing hi-fidelity UI designs and developing prototypes for evaluation and testing or demos for sales and marketing purposes. We may also be challenged to design materials to help promote these new features or products. Some materials produced could include landing pages, 1 pagers, case studies, user documentation, interactive explanations. or infographics.

Tools We Use

Our Design team uses most of the tools available in Adobe Creative Suite – most importantly Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. We also use paper and whiteboards frequently.

Our User Experience team uses a number of tools such as:

  • Axure
    documentation and specifications
  • Bootstrap Studio
    for mocking up flat-designs
  • Vue.js
    for making mockups more dynamic
  • PHP and Python
    for creating prototypes and demos
  • Bitnami
    for distributing portable demos